Ultimate Guide to College Student Freebies

free stuff college studentsCollege is great, but it can sometimes be draining on both mental health and the wallet. These 11 products are being offered for free to college students, and seriously, who doesn’t love free stuff? The following products and services are fantastic and are designed to make your life easier as a college student. Take advantage of these awesome deals today and give your pocketbook a rest.

1. Score Six Months of Amazon Prime with Amazon Student

Amazon Prime is great! Free 2-day shipping, Amazon Pantry, and tons of movies, shows, music! Amazon Prime has been a huge hit with consumers, and for good reason. However, it does cost a pretty penny if you aren’t swimming in cash.  That’s why Amazon provides college students with 6 months of Prime Student for free, just for having a .edu email.

2. Dominate Your Finances With You Need A Budget

You Need A Budget is a fantastic app for developing a budget that works for you. Budgeting is important because it allows you to see exactly how much you are spending and create a plan for saving money. Between tuition, books, and living costs, it’s easy to see how college students can be swamped with expenses. Sign up, and then send them an email with proof of your student-hood. You Need A Budget will then provide you with a product key to start managing your finances the right way.

3. Showcase Your Best Work With Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office can be expensive, and Microsoft knows how important having good software is to students. That’s why they offer Office 365 Education to college students for free. You’ll get Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, all for the low price of $0. All you need to sign up is a .edu email address and you’re ready to get rolling. Produce your best work with Office and get the grade that you deserve!

4. Streamline Your Accounts With LastPass

LastPass is a convenient program that allows you to manage all of your passwords in one place. This software works by allowing you to create one master password to save time while LastPass handles the heavy lifting. The program also contains an auto-fill feature so you never have to fill in annoying forms. Get 6 months of LastPass premium offer absolutely free just for being a student!

5. Create Amazing 3-D Projects With AutoDesk

Autodesk is a captivating program that allows users to create amazing 3-D models, designs, presentations, and even experiment by creating different products without actually having to build them. Sounds like something you need? Autodesk offers over 50 free software products to students and you never have to pay for them. This is an amazing opportunity for students who are studying engineering, architecture, or even design.

6. Free Checking Accounts for Students

Several major banks offer free checking accounts specifically tailored to college students. Companies offering this service include US Bank, Bank of America, and Chase. These student checking accounts are full of great features including free checks, free ATMs, mobile check deposits, and more!

7. Enjoy the Arts and History with Free Museum Admission

Museums are often viewed as boring and stuffy but in reality, most are far from it. Full of rich history and incredible art, college students can benefit and learn a lot from visiting museums. With that being said, museum entrance fees can really add up. That’s why most museums offer free admission to college students. All you need is your student ID to get in and you’ll soon be learning while having fun!

8. Get Tuition from Your Employer With Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition is by far the most expensive part of college, and it’s obvious why. Tuition can cost thousands of dollars per semester, and without scholarships, it can be hard to fund your education. If you’re working while going to school, ask your employer about tuition reimbursement. Many employers recognize how valuable education is and want to help their employees who are working to better their lives and secure a great future for themselves. Some offer amounts in the thousands each year, and this assistance can really make the difference between drowning and staying afloat.

9. Outsource Your Taxes with Free Tax Prep

Doing taxes can be a real pain. You can either spend hours doing them yourself, risking discrepancies on your tax return, or you can pay someone big bucks to do it for you. But what if you don’t have to do either? Many colleges offer free tax prep for students by having accounting majors hone their skills and practice their talents, and you never have to worry if they are done right. This is because there is typically a system in place where a professor checks each student’s project to ensure error-free work. Help out your fellow students and get your taxes done right at the same time for exactly zero dollars.

10. Curb Your Hunger with Find Free Food On Campus

Find Free Food On Campus is a website created by college students, for college students. This website is free to use and allows students to see all of the free food offers around campus. Free food is always great and attending college is hungry work! Don’t miss out on freebies ever again by checking out this unique site.

11. Enjoy Huge Discounts at Major Retailers

Everyone knows that college students are typically not the richest people, and there are tons of companies that understand and recognize this. Although these products are not actually free, these discounts can help you to enjoy yourself and purchase things that you need. Best Buy, Apple, Sony, and Spotify all offer discounts on their products. Other popular retailers that offer discounts are Banana Republic, Juicy Couture, and Chipotle. Even movie theaters offer discounts for students. Before you buy something, ask if they offer a student discount. You never know how much money you could save!

In Conclusion

If you’re a college student, check out these great freebies and enjoy the benefits of being a student! The savings these deals provide can really add up, and you can definitely use that money in other places. All of the offers mentioned above can be obtained by either signing up with your student email or presenting your student ID. Don’t miss out and start taking advantage today!

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