A Quick Guide to Student Credit Cards

student credit cardsOh, life as a college student. You’re living the dream, right? You don’t have any financial struggles, and you’ve got plenty of money in your pocket. I’m sure you’re thinking: “that’s definitely a dream, but I’m not living it.” Well the good news is that almost everyone goes through this season of life. College isn’t meant to be a time of abundant living; it’s meant to be a time of personal growth and frugality.

There are several things every child must know about money before leaving home, but we’re not all fortunate enough to learn the important stuff from someone else. We often have to learn the hard way. Fortunately, if you’re just starting college, you still have plenty of time to recover from financial mistakes, and build a solid financial foundation for yourself. Continue reading A Quick Guide to Student Credit Cards

Ultimate Guide to College Student Freebies

free stuff college studentsCollege is great, but it can sometimes be draining on both mental health and the wallet. These 11 products are being offered for free to college students, and seriously, who doesn’t love free stuff? The following products and services are fantastic and are designed to make your life easier as a college student. Take advantage of these awesome deals today and give your pocketbook a rest. Continue reading Ultimate Guide to College Student Freebies

Financial Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 25

finance in your 20sAlthough I consider myself to be fairly financially savvy, I’ve certainly learned a few things having been out of college for 10 years. In those 10 years, I’ve: had 3 real jobs, bought 2 houses, had one car stolen, and had a kid. I’ve done well financially, both by continuing to grow my salary at work and by saving/investing a large portion of my income. There are however, a few things I wish I could go back and tell my 25-year-old self.

There are better savings accounts out there.

For a while, I kept all of my money in a regular savings account at the one bank where I also had my checking account. It just seemed easier to keep all of my money at one bank, and having it more readily available if I needed it seemed wise. Come to find out, this bank was (and still is) paying a terrible interest rate, like 0.01%. I didn’t have a ton of money so didn’t think I was missing out that much. I would get a few pennies every month and feel ok about it. Oh, 25 year-old-self, if only I knew that there were other banks that paid 10x more interest!
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Five Flexible Online Jobs for College Students

flexible jobs for college students
Working a full-time job while trying to handle a full course load can be a tough task. College students already have very busy schedules, so a job with a flexible schedule is a must.

So is it possible to earn extra money while in college and set your own schedule?

There are a lot of profitable flexible jobs that college students can do and make some extra cash. Ranging from freelancing jobs to writing and trading stocks, there is a job for everyone. That said, let us check out these five flexible jobs for college students.

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15 Money Saving Tips for College Students

Ways to Save Money in College
College can be a stressful time, especially when it comes to finances. Surveys have found that personal finances are the biggest source of stress for students. Around 70% of college students worry about their money, with many concerned they won’t be able to cover their tuition or even monthly costs.

But with some smart planning, there are many ways you can save money and cut down on college costs. Here are some smart personal finance tips for students.
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Five Ways for College Students to Make Money Online in Their Spare Time

students make money online
For young people who are busy with college, working a regular job can be a substantial burden. There is no doubt that money is useful while you are in college. However, regular employment usually isn’t flexible enough to allow students the time they need to study.  For this reason, many college students have turned to alternative streams of online income that are easier to fit into their busy schedules. Here are five of the best ways to make money online if you’re a college student looking for a better source of income.
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