Bacterial Flower on nanofibers, Mehdi Kargar from Virginia Tech


      All large things around us are composed of the building blocks. A body organ is composed of a colony of human cells. A piece of metal is composed of metal crystals. All these large constituents have a small world inside composed of their very specific building blocks.

      World in small scale is different from our world since some of the physical terms which are most of the times negligible in our world are extremely important in small scale. Since It’s a different world, it’s extremely interesting to learn about that. It’s as fascinating as the world in another planet. In this blog I ‘m trying to record my teaching and learning experiences in micro and nano sciences. I also include the learning experiences of the undergraduate students who work with me or in other labs. I believe working in small scales helps to understand some of the physical concepts much better than the large scale and I hope this blog can improve our understanding about the amazing small worlds around us.