Review of A Project

I decided to review the high low card game project because I am very into card games like poker and blackjack and thought it would be interesting. I ran the code in C++ and it worked just fine. I thought it was interesting that you won or lost double what you bet in the first place because that is not what most games do, but that was a design choice. I thought an interesting twist to the normal game was to have seven as being its own option where you could win ten times the amount of money that you bet on it. Overall it was a well formatted project because every function was entitled properly explaining what it did. Additionally, there were comments throughout the code that added insight into what each section was supposed to do if there was any confusion. The only problem I saw was that there were a couple of simple spelling errors, but other than that it was sound.

A Look Back

After a semester in this Unix class, I have learned many things. I think that the most important thing overall that I’ve learned is that it can be much easier to code certain things using Unix than it can be to use C++ or C. The Unix philosophy fits my personality very well because I am usually the one that likes to keep things simple and get to the point. This class taught me about modularity, how to use pipelines and makefiles, and many other things. I think that the way this class was taught was very good because while there was a teacher that was teaching us, there was also room for us to go out and learn some of it by ourselves with the books, slides, and the other resources we were given. Overall this class was a very good experience for me.

Working with Makefiles

I meant to post over break but was consumed with family obligations and forgot. I had been looking up a little bit more about makefiles and such just to be able to understand the little nuances of them. I found out about even more shortcuts when declaring files and outputs that make writing the files much shorter. Things such as abbreviating stuff with cflags and being able to remove multiple files just by putting spaces between them instead of having to separately removing each particular file.