Pipelines and Forks

After working on the homework that was due the past week, I learned a lot about what Unix can do. In order to finish the homework, I had to learn about pipelines and being able to fork a command so that it could do multiple things. This was necessary in our homework because there were two child processes that needed to be executed. I needed to read from the pipe and then write to the pipe as well which were new commands. I thought it was really interesting that there were multiple ways to create a pipe as opposed to just one way. It allows for some differences in peoples coding styles depending on what they like to do.

We had to print messages to the standard error showing that each child process had been successfully executed and closed. Then we had to implement a wait function so that there was a pause between the closing of the two child processes.

There was also a makefile that had to be made for this assignment in order to run the program correctly. It took a lot less time to make then it did when I first tried writing one, and I’m getting much better at it. I have learned the format and structure so I no longer need a guide to help me. I still need to work on the finer details of makefiles though.

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