Confusion with Makefiles

After finally finishing the makefile homework, I breathed a sigh of relief. I probably made it much more complicated than it actually was, but I seemed to have a lot of trouble with it. I went online to try and figure out what I was doing wrong, but I couldn’t quite grasp the concept. When I was looking at targets and dependencies, it all kind of got jumbled together. So when I was trying to figure out which .cpp and .o files were supposed to go where, it took me a while to understand the pattern. I kept putting the wrong files with the outputs or outputs in files they weren’t supposed to be with.

After a while of working on this, I finally had a breakthrough with it. The way the homework was worded had really thrown me off, but once I understood it and got one of the lines correct, the others fell into place. I’m still not quite sure I have the whole concept mastered, but I think that I’m getting a better understanding of what a makefile’s purpose is and how it is used for output and .cpp files. I definitely either need to do some more research or get some more practice with creating makefiles.

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