Workings in Ubuntu and C++

I haven’t posted in a while because yet again, I have been slammed with projects and tests. But after our meeting last week to discuss our ideas for a group project, I have been thinking about how to best update it. Our original design is pretty good, but there are several features that we have the choice to add or not. However, just adding one part and not another in some cases doesn’t make logical sense. Therefore, I have been trying to figure out which functions would best be implemented so as to minimize the amount of coding clutter and maximize the abilities of our program. It seems to be an extremely interesting balancing act so far.

Lookback After the Midterm

After taking the midterm, I realized that I had actually learned quite a lot about Unix and programming in Ubuntu. I was able to sort through lists of words and numbers using short simple commands that normally would take much more code in C or C++. I am growing to appreciate the simplicity of Unix and how easy it is to combine multiple commands such as grep and sed into one to accomplish the task more easily.

I also learned a couple things while taking the midterm because I was not aware that it was possible to find hidden files and exclude nonhidden files in a search. I found that extremely interesting and I look forward to learning more about specific file searching and modifying certain commands to be able to do several jobs in one line of code.