I am grateful to have had life experiences that have both drawn and driven me to the field of counseling. Though I am relatively new in the field, I am eager to continue taking steps toward becoming the best therapist I can be, a therapist that offers not only the most excellent care to my clients but also a therapist that contributes to the knowledge and skill level within the field as a whole. Ten years from now I hope to be providing highly skilled therapy to those who have experienced trauma. I hope to be supervising and mentoring counselors who are newer to the field and providing insight and information to others in our field through written publications and teaching in higher education.

I have had the opportunity to work in private practice, for a community service board doing assessment and crisis therapy, in intensive outpatient therapy, in a crisis stabilization unit, and in the counseling centers of two different colleges. During my time in each of these settings I have become increasingly passionate about working with those who suffer the effects of varying types and degrees of trauma. Over time my desire to obtain further experience and education that enables me to be an excellent practitioner as well as to pass along understanding to others in our field has grown, especially as I see the great need for increased understanding and skill in treating those who have experienced trauma in their lives.