Future of Higher Education

While higher education is certainly always changing and evolving, it is important to take the time to consider in what ways we hope to help shape the future of this field. Though there will certainly be changes that involve the use of technology, and hopefully changes that increase the accessibility of higher education for those who have previously encountered barriers that have hindered their access to education, I believe that a return to the foundational issue of ethics is an important focus for the future of education.

An article by Monteiro, Leite, and Rocha (2018) discusses the importance of training scholars to use their knowledge in ethical ways. I believe that we often take ethical behavior for granted, thinking that it should be the baseline from which we all operate. While it may be true that we should all behave in a thoroughly ethical manner, it is not the reality.

I believe that the importance of training individuals in ethical behavior is just as significant as the transmission of other knowledge, if not more. Especially in our ever changing educational landscape, it is essential to remember to keep our ethical footing as the foundation for all else that we do. Further, I do not think it is sufficient simply to behave in an ethical manner and hope that those who come behind us do the same. It is important to be purposeful and focused in educating our successors in both how and why we make ethical decisions in all we do.


Monteiro, F., Leite, C., & Rocha, C. (2018). Ethical education as a pillar of the future role of higher education: Analysing its presence in the curricula of engineering courses. Futures, 1-13.

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  1. I agree. This is a valid argument to say that ethics should be rationalized instead of just expecting people to just follow ethical behaviors and used to them as habits.

  2. Ethical behavior has always been a critical issue in higher education, and would probably become more significant in the future. On top of my head, I can think of data/information privacy as a potential subject matter, especially regarding the substantial growing rate of data generation. From my point of view, the code of conduct in many journals/conferences will be updated accordingly.

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