Efficiency & Pride

It has been over a week since my entry into Swiss society and there are two words instantly come to mind, Efficiency and Pride. The public transportation system is the most efficient I have ever seen and the timeliness of the meetings makes me rethink my own level of efficiency (originally thinking it was high). The clock strikes the meeting hour and surprisingly it starts…talk about Swiss efficiency. However, not everything is precisely scheduled, the quality time spent socializing with both familiar and unfamiliar faces is limitless and speaks mounds of the dedication of Swiss society to maintain social sustainability. When asking a Swiss native, this appears to be something they are truly proud of (Please correct me if I am wrong).

           Speaking of something to be proud of pride…Switzerland’s focus on ‘Strong Sustainability’ (i.e. the focus on sustainability of the natural environment, society, and the economy) is astounding, something like I would have never imagined. In discussions with Swiss natives and via personal observation, it is evident that this is something that has been generally accepted by the people (of course with the help of government regulations). One thing to note is a comment made by UniBasel’s Rector Loprieno in which he discussed Switzerland’s large financial commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency efforts in recent times, this is unprecedented. I applaud their efforts and look forward to following their ‘strong sustainability’ initiatives, features, and processes development, and Switzerland’s response to the global sustainable initiative.

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