Green Universities

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Considering that my study theme involves assessing the level of sustainable contribution of each university we visit, I figure that it would be great to half some typical framework for looking at what constitutes a “Green University” and as easy as it is to open a Google search is as easy as it was to gain some insight into how assesses the “Green-ness” of various universities.

INTERESTING SIDEBAR: According to the League compiled by “People and Planet” a coalition of students that hold universities accountable for environmental and ethical issues, the University of Cambridge, is the top ranking green university….interesting.

So what efforts can help make a university green? It’s simple, the financial and time investments they spend on:

1) Sustainable Building Design (Features)

2) Water Bottle Re-Use (Hydration Station – As in Squires)

3) Locally Produced Food (On campus Farmer’s Markets/On Site Community Gardens)

4) Waste Disposal —(Here’s the good one, the University of Lausanne, in SWITZERLAND (WOOHOO!) disposes of waste by sending it to farms for production of organic fertilizer, and biogas fuels, which generates heat and electricity for the farm and neighboring communities.) [University of Peru sells its paper waste to a recycling company, with proceeds for scholarships awarded to students of low-income homes)

5) Green Transport – Borrow bike program (FREE); and in Oslo, Norway electric cars can be CHARGED @ $0 CHARGE…get it 😉

6) Awareness raising events – Go green weeks, inter-university collaborations and competitions, etc.

If you hate words like me, Notre Dame’s sustainability initiative PA video is really interesting to see how they’re green initiative has taken over their campus (the go green angle is a perfect fit for them). I couldn’t find one from VT, maybe someone can help me with that.

MASTER-OF-EDUCATION.ORG also provides another graphic providing other ways universities can “Go Green” as below. (WHERE IS TECH??)


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