I’ve already submitted two mission statements in the forums section in scholar, however I believe that this one has a greater impact than most and deserves to be blogged for full recognition as I had no idea that an institution of higher learning like this actually existed. I probably thought that it existed somewhere, however it’s good to know that it exists. I’ve posted the mission statement and the a video that made me want to post this via the blog.

Hopefully this works, had problems syncing with my other blog trying to post this last week. Cross my fingers….
Mission Statement

Gallaudet University, federally chartered in 1864, is a bilingual, diverse, multicultural institution of higher education that ensures the intellectual and professional advancement of deaf and hard of hearing individuals through American Sign Language and English. Gallaudet maintains a proud tradition of research and scholarly activity and prepares its graduates for career opportunities in a highly competitive, technological, and rapidly changing world.


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