Nemiro, Jerri – Digital Graphics

Jerri Nemiro

“I strive to create art that will bring a smile to the viewer through interactions with animals and other elements depicted in bright cheerful color schemes.”

Jerri Nemiro is a retired art educator from the California Community College system.
During her faculty tenure, she expanded an original graphic design program into a comprehensive digital art program with courses in graphic design, motion graphics, digital illustration, 2D digital animation, 3D modeling and animation, digital video, digital photography and photo-imaging.
For the past three years Jerri has worked on a series of large scale digital paintings and illustrations all around the theme of “Joy of Animals.” She has dedicated much of her retirement to her passion for animals as a volunteer for the Animal Care and Adoption Center of Montgomery County in Christiansburg.
Jerri also has a passion for STEAM-related activities and collaborations between the Arts and the Sciences.
Her artwork is created in Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator with a Wacom tablet. The final result is a large scale fine art giclee print.

Doggie Delight


Sweet Dreams / Light Beams
Midnight Snack
Kitty Wonderland
Sweetie Tweetie