Colpitts, Alisa – Garden Tour

Alisa Colpitts

Alisa is a mixed media artist currently specializing in acrylics. She has been an artist for almost 40 years and continues to allow her style to grow and evolve just as she does. She has lived in the Southwestern Virginia area for her entire life, raising three children, who are now 33, 27 & 23. She now resides in Blacksburg with her two furry children, Lucy and Gimli. Nothing (besides her children) brings her more joy and happiness than the ocean, riding her bike, gardening, travel and creating art. She hopes to share her work and passion with people who appreciate the colorful, organic, abstract design, and fun.

Peaceful Sanctuary – Garden of Alisa Colpitts

These are photos and videos of my garden located in the town limits of Blacksburg, Virginia. The yard was basically a blank canvas when I began, about 30 years ago. With my love of art, combined with gardening, it has become a beautiful place, that I call “Peaceful Sanctuary”. There are 5 water features that include, 2 whisky barrels, 2 in-ground ponds, and a lotus bowl. The ponds are full of goldfish, frogs and many species of plants.

Peaceful Sanctuary – Alisa Colpitts

New this year is a hive of bees that also enjoy the many flowers and water features in the yard. I am currently installing 5 bluebird houses called the “Grandma Series”, as each one has a name of a family grandma, and a picture of what she liked. One birdhouse has a red lid, and a cityscape painted on one side, the other side has “EFFIE” (her name). It is for my grandmother, who was a red head and loved New York.

Art in the Garden is fun. In the video, you will see on my garden posts these word are important to me: LOVE, HAPPINESS, JOY, PEACE, UNITY, DIVERSITY, FREEDOM, HOPE, FORGIVENESS, COMPOST, RECYCLE, REUSE, REDUCE. All of these are words, and more make a statement in my yard, combined with beautiful flowers around the posts.

I continue to try and find unique plants to make the garden interesting. I am fortunate to have 3 virgin oak trees, which we speculate to be over 250 years old. In one of the giant trees there is a five-foot wind chime, with low tones, the sounds are lovely to hear when the wind blows. The garden has a great mix of shade and sun that is heavily planted with shrubs, perennials and a few annuals.

Peaceful Sanctuary is a labor of love, but a joy. It is wonderful to see what new flower will bloom each day. It will continue to evolve with new plants, new garden areas, and new art.

Peaceful Sanctuary – Alisa Colpitts