Trivette, Nancy – Photography, Sculpture

Nancy Trivette

I am a dabbler in textiles, gourds, and casual garden landscape. For 45 years I have drawn my inspiration from nature, living on wooded property surrounded by mature trees, creeks, rocks, wildflowers and wildlife. My goal is and has been to preserve and replenish the natural habitat that I am lucky to live in. There is no end to the beauty and pleasure it gives me.

Birdy Gourd – Nancy Trivette

It’s always fun, for young and old, to happen upon something unexpected amongst the flowers.

Fawn – Nancy Trivette

Sometimes you just get lucky.

Stepping Stones in Moss Garden – Nancy Trivette

Moss is Magic

Mushroom gourd – Nancy Trivette

Mystery fungi oh my!

Steen, Ari – Drawing, Photography

Ari Steen (age 5)

Ari Steen is almost 6 years old. She has spent many beautiful days in her Meme’s (Nancy Trivette’s) wondrous garden chasing the sun, bugs, critters, and flower fairies.

“There is joy and wonder everywhere when you see the world through the eyes of a child” (Unknown)

Ari Under Meme’s Rose Arbor – Anna Steen

The photo of Ari under her Meme’s rose arbor is a good example of the joy she feels when outside.

Self Portrait in a Magical Garden – Ari Steen

As a Kindergartner, Ari created many wonderful works of art.

Ari’s Pockets – Anna Steen

Ari is filled with wonder, often filling her pockets and bicycle basket with small flowers, acorns, and leaves; her mother has taken many photos of these treasures that are kept in an album named “Ari’s pockets.”

The Frog Life Cycle – Ari Steen
Toad – Anna Steen

Ari has a heart of gold and is kind to all living things. Most recently, she has become quite fond of toads, and has three that she lovingly keeps and cares for as pets.

Goff, Larkin – Photography

Larkin Goff

I am grateful for the joy of being in the yard, and all of the treasures to be found there.

Hawk – Larkin Goff
Baby Praying Mantis – Larkin Goff
Garden Greens – Larkin Goff
Lupine – Larkin Goff
Spiderweb – Larkin Goff

Sutphin, Tamara – Photography

Tamara Sutphin

Program Technician, ASPECT, CLAHS

Dragonfly, Hahn Garden – Tamara Sutphin
July Bee, Hahn Garden – Tamara Sutphin
December, Hahn Garden – Tamara Sutphin
February Reflections, Hahn Garden – Tamara Sutphin
October Toad Lily, Hahn Garden – Tamara Sutphin

Kung, Amy – Photography

Amy Kung

I’m Amy Kung. I am a farmer & owner of Baby Bear Lavender Farm in Blacksburg. Growing up in Hawaii I was awed by beautiful tropical flowers & white-sand beaches. However, in mountains, hills and lavenders I found equanimity in Virginia.

Lavender Baby – Amy Kung
Lavender Flowers – Amy Kung
Lavender Flowers – Amy Kung
Sunset (After Tropical Storm Arthur) – Amy Kung

Goff, Diane – Photography, Poetry

Diane Goff

Diane is a writer and photographer who has lived in the New River Valley for 50 plus years. Gardening and the natural world has always been a large part of her creative process.

Diane Goff, photographer

Morning Garden
by Diane Porter Goff

The sun sings
on the bright lip of the world
the garden wakes from
its night dream

something scurries
something alights
something flies
the mystery of the garden
settles over me
like grace

the silken throat of the lily
whispers today’s secret
as the bee takes suck
her feet festooned with pollen

attar of skunk
bedevils the crisp pink rose
the crow drops like a dark kite onto
the white pebble path

a breeze conducts the choir
of the grasses
the track beckons with
fragrant twists
and succulent turns

frowsy seed heads stir
with my breath
buxom and roly-poly
tumble under my fingers

I must touch
I must breathe

morning has come
and I open my mouth
to take sacrament.

Diane Goff, photographer

Crow Call
by Diane Porter Goff

Crows come to my call     sailing
in like dark leaves
falling through the trees
hop and dart   at the bread and apple curls
flung onto my pebble path
fly to dip   the bread in birdbath
smothered with leaves
scold and peck     to break
the bread against a branch

last summer
one crow lit on our live power pole
BANG   dropped like a black stone
my husband and I ran to its body      limp
beak open     tip of grey tongue
bead eyes wet

we waited for others   to circle
to mourn
to only be curious   nothing

we stretched the cool body out
with pins
on cardboard
took photographs
the ragged fringe of wing like unfinished bits
of poems

that night I dug out my black candles
used for spells
lit a candle for crow
on my altar
under the rough carved wooden statue
of a nature goddess
from South America
her pointy breasts
the leaves at her base reminded
me of wings
I lit another candle to celebrate
the element of        sudden

Diane Goff, photographer

by Diane Porter Goff

beating up from the tap root   the pulse
forms the bud
raindrop slides into the tiny crevice
unfolding a petal    the finger
of the sun
twirls open the full array-
pink fan with a purple heart
bees nuzzle the sex
stamen pistil        piercing
the membrane   emerging glorious
lapping the air
pollen drifts in a golden swarm

A bead of nectar quivers at the tip
reflecting the sparkling disk
of the day
A bird cries a note of longing
from deep in the bush

the poem
takes its place in the world

Diane Goff, photographer

by Diane Porter Goff

The daffodil’s happy snout,
preposterously yellow,
has nosed open a door in me
I had thought    closed
and locked
long ago.

Olson, Gail – Sculpture

Gail Olson

Master Gardener and Wild Ones member. Husband and I have been creating wildlife habitat on our 19 acres for about 15 years. Pictured are a Peace Pole with items special to us and two woodland chairs made of stumps.

Photo by Richard Olson
Photo by Richard Olson
Photo by Richard Olson

“I like to make art of everyday objects. A simple box frame creates a window to the other side. Simple. Anyone could create this.”

Photo by Richard Olson

Goette, Ann – Photography, Poetry

Ann Goethe

Ann Goethe’s (Goette) novel, Midnight Lemonade was a finalist for the Barnes & Noble Discovery Prize. She is the founder of the Blacksburg New School and active in ReNew The New and the Giles Early Education Project. Goethe’s novel, Goner, was a Literary Fiction Finalist for the 2018 Indy Award. She lives on a peninsula surrounded by the ancient New River.


In a June
New green
Tree by the
Riverside, the
Queen of Hearts
Splits in two
And becomes
A scarlet pair.

Ring in Spring – Ann Goette


Early light of Easter morn
A pair of bald eagles,
The only thing flying.
They are the American
come back kids.

The Path Away from the River – Ann Goette

April’s Cover

Morning sun tugs
back black billows
to illuminate nuclear
green grass slashed
by silky crow wings.
A sudden quilt of cloud
smothers out the sun.
The land goes still.

Another Sunrise – Anne Goette


Scarecrow tree still blooming
After standing steadfast in a
Couple centuries of Nature’s
capricious temper tantrums.

Two summers ago, a fat bear
Climbed the tree to get that apple,
The one just out of reach, that
Failed to fall too far from the tree.

Local lore claims Washington,
After crossing the river right here,
Passed over this sunken roadbed
Shaded by a long line of apple trees.

Why did Washington cross the
River? All that he could see was
The other side of the mountain,
The other side of the mountain
Was all.

Electric Green – Anne Goette

First Day of May

Rain-drenched sunlight hefts
Locust blossoms like heavy
Albino grapes, indigo buntings
Splash unexpected puddles
Iridescent rising tadpoles
Turned bird, not frog.

Misty Morning – Anne Goette