Steen, Ari – Drawing, Photography

Ari Steen (age 5)

Ari Steen is almost 6 years old. She has spent many beautiful days in her Meme’s (Nancy Trivette’s) wondrous garden chasing the sun, bugs, critters, and flower fairies.

“There is joy and wonder everywhere when you see the world through the eyes of a child” (Unknown)

Ari Under Meme’s Rose Arbor – Anna Steen

The photo of Ari under her Meme’s rose arbor is a good example of the joy she feels when outside.

Self Portrait in a Magical Garden – Ari Steen

As a Kindergartner, Ari created many wonderful works of art.

Ari’s Pockets – Anna Steen

Ari is filled with wonder, often filling her pockets and bicycle basket with small flowers, acorns, and leaves; her mother has taken many photos of these treasures that are kept in an album named “Ari’s pockets.”

The Frog Life Cycle – Ari Steen
Toad – Anna Steen

Ari has a heart of gold and is kind to all living things. Most recently, she has become quite fond of toads, and has three that she lovingly keeps and cares for as pets.