Trivette, Nancy – Photography, Sculpture

Nancy Trivette

I am a dabbler in textiles, gourds, and casual garden landscape. For 45 years I have drawn my inspiration from nature, living on wooded property surrounded by mature trees, creeks, rocks, wildflowers and wildlife. My goal is and has been to preserve and replenish the natural habitat that I am lucky to live in. There is no end to the beauty and pleasure it gives me.

Birdy Gourd – Nancy Trivette

It’s always fun, for young and old, to happen upon something unexpected amongst the flowers.

Fawn – Nancy Trivette

Sometimes you just get lucky.

Stepping Stones in Moss Garden – Nancy Trivette

Moss is Magic

Mushroom gourd – Nancy Trivette

Mystery fungi oh my!

Correll, Linda – Sculpture

Linda Correll

Linda Correll has primarily focused on photography and has exhibited her works in Blacksburg, Floyd, Salem, Va., and Cary, N.C. She enjoys opportunities to meet and work with other artists, and complements her photography with other art forms to include stone sculpting, crafting with gourds and water media art classes. Correll is a member of the Backyard Stone Carvers, Blacksburg Regional Art Association, NRV Gourd Society, Roanoke and NRV Exposure Photography Meetup groups.

These whimsical gourd sculptures were created several years ago for a gourd regatta and each had its own glory floating down Wabash Creek in Giles County.  A face lift, a wing repair, some new paint and all are happy to have the opportunity to have a photo shoot in the Hahn gardens and be part of the Simply Elemental Virtual show 2020!

Creekside Glory – Linda Correll
Goldie the Rambling Goose – Linda Correll
Henry the Horrific Muncher – Linda Correll

Goff, Pam – Sculpture

Pam Goff

Pam Goff lives in the NRV. Her yard has seven individual garden rooms where she incorporates some of her whimsical art.

Pamela Gibson Goff

When an old oak tree fell, it was heartbreaking but Pam was able to turn the tragedy into a fun face.

Pamela Gibson Goff

Pam loves upcycling items that would be thrown away such as vintage dishes she turns into colorful flowers sprinkled in several gardens.

Pamela Gibson Goff

Pam also takes rusty tools and welds them into fun creatures to peek out of corners.

Pamela Gibson Goff

Old windows become a palette for art that incorporates the love of color and stones.

Pamela Gibson Goff

To build her giant Groot, Pam welded a rebar frame and used vines to create the structure.

O’Connor, Shelley – Sculpture

Shelley O’Connor

Shelley O’Connor is a retired nurse and Virginia Tech graduate (class of 2016). She recently fell in love with metal working and has taken MIG welding classes. This has added to her creative abilities. She also enjoys weaving with fabric, beads and wire. Her creations are whimsical.

 Centered – Shelley O’Connor

This piece was made from an old table top, a gear, and part of a treadle sewing machine. It represents how my core energy radiates to form a structure that supports my world.

Relf, Diane – Sculpture

Paula Diane Relf

My art is about finding discarded objects and manipulating them to explore their potential; then combining these new objects into statements of appreciation of the mundane. It questions the validity of a throwaway society, the value of always needing new, and the perfection of machinery precision. It celebrates the daily detritus that has lost its meaning and gives it a new opportunity to open eyes and minds. I have long had a love affair with rust and often explore rust’s potential in creative expression in many forms: wood and rust sculpture; Glass and rust sculpture; rust stained textile and paper backgrounds for rust assemblages; wearable art; metal masks; altered art tiles; photography; and digital graphic “collages”. As a faculty in the Horticulture Dept. at VT my responsibility was providing gardening information and inspiration to anyone in Virginia interested in gardening and not involved in production horticulture, including: Master Gardeners; youth /4-H gardening: horticultural therapy; and, radio, newspaper, newsletter, and digital information to home gardeners and Extension Agents. In this capacity, my life-long love of growing plants helped me focus on helping people find the right plants to give them personal joy and satisfaction and develop the skills to be successful with the least work and frustration. My two passions combine well to support my goal of using outdoor art and gardening as creative expressions of love of the environment and enhancing the quality of life.

Glass and Rust at Alexander Black House Museum – Diane Relf
Intense but easy gardening techniques – Diane Relf
Memory tiles – Diane Relf
Rustic cow and self seeding daisies – Diane Relf
Summer clothes and sunflowers – Diane Relf

Steen, Ari – Drawing, Photography

Ari Steen (age 5)

Ari Steen is almost 6 years old. She has spent many beautiful days in her Meme’s (Nancy Trivette’s) wondrous garden chasing the sun, bugs, critters, and flower fairies.

“There is joy and wonder everywhere when you see the world through the eyes of a child” (Unknown)

Ari Under Meme’s Rose Arbor – Anna Steen

The photo of Ari under her Meme’s rose arbor is a good example of the joy she feels when outside.

Self Portrait in a Magical Garden – Ari Steen

As a Kindergartner, Ari created many wonderful works of art.

Ari’s Pockets – Anna Steen

Ari is filled with wonder, often filling her pockets and bicycle basket with small flowers, acorns, and leaves; her mother has taken many photos of these treasures that are kept in an album named “Ari’s pockets.”

The Frog Life Cycle – Ari Steen
Toad – Anna Steen

Ari has a heart of gold and is kind to all living things. Most recently, she has become quite fond of toads, and has three that she lovingly keeps and cares for as pets.

Goff, Larkin – Photography

Larkin Goff

I am grateful for the joy of being in the yard, and all of the treasures to be found there.

Hawk – Larkin Goff
Baby Praying Mantis – Larkin Goff
Garden Greens – Larkin Goff
Lupine – Larkin Goff
Spiderweb – Larkin Goff

Ratliff, Mary – Photography, Painting

Mary Ratliff

I am currently working with clay and acrylics.

Bluebird sculpture atop the “Maiden”– Mary Ratliff
Barred Owl sculpture perched in a tree – Mary Ratliff
 American Bittern sculpture beside swimming Koi – Mary Ratliff 
Several Koi swimming beneath the bridge – Mary Ratliff

Moore, Betty – Painting

Betty Moore

Betty Moore grew up in Blacksburg, Virginia, and has lived here for most of her life. She graduated from the College of William and Mary in 1970 with a degree in Fine Arts and from Radford University in 2003 with a Master of Fine Arts degree. She retired in 2009 after teaching art in Montgomery County Public Schools for 22 years. At the time of her retirement, she was teaching art at Christiansburg High School where she taught for 12 years. She loved having the opportunity to share her passion for art with her students. Since retiring, Betty stays busy with painting, gardening, and traveling to visit her children and six grandchildren who live out of state. She is also active in the Blacksburg Regional Art Association where she is responsible for arranging school programs. She is also a member of the Montgomery Museum of Art and History and a signature member of the Virginia Watercolor Society. Friends and family as well as the natural beauty of the landscape are continuing sources of inspiration for her watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media paintings.

Bumblebee Alights – Betty Moore
Framed size 16 x 20 inches
Image size, 10 x 14 inches
Nature’s Joy – Betty Moore
Framed size, 16 x 20 inches
Image size, 9 x 12.75 inches
Nature’s Palette – Betty Moore
Watercolor and wax resist
Image size, 10 x 10 inches
Framed size 15 x 15 inches
Patterns of Spring – Betty Moore
Framed size 15 x 18 inches
Spring’s Delight – Betty Moore
Framed size, 16 x 20 inches

Cadwallader, Christine – Garden Tour

Christine Cadwallader

I’m retired and have plenty of time during this pandemic to work in my garden and I must say, it looks lovely this year.

Christine Cadwallader
Christine Cadwallader
Christine Cadwallader
Christine Cadwallader