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I wish I can be a faculty member after I get my PhD degree in Food Science and Technology, or maybe after post doc to be more competitive. But I did not think about my being a faculty philosophy until I took part in this course, since I just started graduate school, and there is at least 4 years before I graduate and hunting for a faculty member position.

Preparation is never too early. I would like to be a faculty member with major appointment on research, and no more than 20% appointment on teaching, and 10% appointment on extension. Within the agriculture field, grant land university like Virginia Tech will require the faculty to contribute to research outreach and apply the research results to practice and benefit the local people, called extension. I think it is an efficient mode to communicate between research lab and practical or economic output.

As a research scientist, I am willing to take no more than 2 graduate students a year, so that I can put more effort and time on mentoring them, not only on academic research, but also on long-term successful life and career. Encouragement but not push is very important, especially students are at their low point. I am responsible to let them know that failure or disappointment are common thing in research and life, but we should be perseverant and optimistic. Our smartness and hard work will lead us to come out of the darkness before the sun raising. As an advisor, I am always be there to ignite the inspiration of students, and work with them to solve the problem.

For the teaching part, I would like to provide a broader view to the undergraduate and graduate students on the subject that I am familiar with. Through the introduction, I hope some students can find the fields that truly attract them and worthy to spent the rest of the life on. Not only with the skills or knowledge I teach them to make a living, but to enjoy them, and contribute and help other people.


Sports are very helpful for getting to know each other, cooperating with each other, releasing the stress from work, and keeping good health for work. So I will arrange the monthly sports activity in my lab, and also welcome other friends and colleagues to join us.

In general, with the knowledge and experience I gained, giving and helping the students and the society is the core philosophy as being a faculty member.



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  1. One funny comment- I had no idea you were in FST! I got my master’s with the dairy guru- Dr. Duncan. Crazy small world.

    I agree with the outside activities. I have to say I’m a little envious of the frequent ultimate tournaments I hear about from the FST folks I talk with quite a bit. I think it really hones in on the sense of community that’s needed for positive teamwork and learning how to work well with others. I also miss Dr. Marcy’s cookouts.. that department does a wonderful job creating a home away from home, something I would like to see in the future department I’m employed in.

  2. Thank you for your comments Georgianna. Nice to meet you! Hope we can meet at the last 2 lectures. I think I met you once with Matt in Burrus Hall for a performance. Welcome back to join us at some point, like the departmental picnic! I really like the warm and friendly atmosphere in FST department, which encourages us to work hard on research.

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