A particular brand of cereal

Since I came to US, my roommate and I have tried at least 20 brands of cereal. Because the food cultures between US and China are totally different, many brands of cereal we cannot accept. However, we like to eat cereal in the morning, because it is very convenient for us to prepare and it is very healthy. I still remember the first time my roommate and I came to American shopping mall, Kroger. There are hundreds kinds of cereal that I could choose.  My friends and I stood in front of the shelves for 5 minutes and we didn’t know which one to choose. So, my roommate said that we could choose the Corn Pops. I asked why we chose that instead of choosing other cereal. He said there were only 4 boxes on the shelves. So, it must be very popular. We purchased one box; however, the taste we could not accept.

Now, after trying at least 20 brands of cereal, we finally found one, the Great Grains. It has four flavors: pecans, raisins and flakes; crunchy pecans; cranberry almond crunch; banana nut crunch. I prefer the banana nut crunch best, because it is sweet but not too sweet. It is packed with nutrients, and tastes great. When I ate one bowl of milk with this brand of cereal, I would not feel hungry for whole morning.

However, because we have eaten this brand of cereal for 4 months, we already hated to eat it. We decide to found a new one. Anyone can give us some suggestions?

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