Say no

I saw a report that Brail government will strength the development of Amazon. The society raised the question that whether should government protect wild animals and wilderness area for future generation? The advantages of protect them carry more weight than those of they should not. There are numerous reasons why governments protect them, and I would explore only a few of the most important ones here.

One of the primary causes is that governments have abundant capital source. As we all know, in a country, every one of us needs to hand in the taxes from everything we get. Governments can get a lot of money from them. On the other hand, except a few of the richest people, most of us cannot richer than the governments. So, because of the wealthy capital source, government should protect the wild animals.

What is also worth noticing fact is that governments have rights to promulgate laws to protect the wild animals. Law is the most powerful way to protect them. Because of the laws, lawbreaker cannot kill the wild animals easily, they may be caught by the police and receive serious punishment. For example, in the west part of china, there is a big wilderness area; a lot of wild animals live in there. It a beautiful place, however, many lawbreakers want to caught wild animals exchange to money. After the law publishes for that place, more and more people do not dare to catch wild animals in there. So, the right for government to promulgate laws is another way to protect wild animals.

From the above you might get idea that I agree with government should protect wild animals. So, it is sagacious to support the statement that it is better to protect wild animals and wilderness area by government.

How can we make good friends with others?

Do you know the meaning of friends? What do you think a true friend can do for you? For me, I deem true friend always come to you when their help is indeed. They try their best to help you without thinking what they can get from it. This invariably wins them love and respect from others, for they devote themselves to the happiness of others. So, how can we make friends with others? Now, I want to share some of my opinions.

One of the most important ways to make friends is confident to talk with others. I think if you are confident to others, they will think you are an honest person; your momentum will influence them. For example, when you do something with other students, they may not know you before start. However, after you introduce something and share with them in your confident sound, they may be all attracted by you, they may energetic to follow with you and they also may want to make friends with you. Thus, I think be confident to other people is really necessary to make friends with them.

Another important way to make friends is friendly and kindness with others. I think it is really important. There is a proverb says “kindness in words creates confidence; kindness in thinking creates profoundness; kindness in giving creates love.” From these sentences, we can see the important for kindness to other people; you will receive return for report. When you friendly, smile to talk with other people, it can make them feel comfortable, and the conversation seems more easily. In this way, we can make more friends.

Friends for all of us are really important, without friends, we lose a lot of things in our life. So, if you don’t want to be alone, you want to have a colorful life, use your confident and be friendly and be kindness to other people. I think you can make more true friends in this way!

Fast food again?

Today, I feel really sick because I ate four burgers in three meals. I got up late this morning, so, I ate a burger from yesterday’s dinner. During the lunch, I could not see the end of the queue in Ovens. So, I chose to eat a burger. During the dinner time, my roommates all wanted to eat Burger King because they had a test in the evening. You have to admit that it is very convenient to have fast food; however, it is very unhealthy to eat.

Fast foods easily make people overweight. For example, hamburgers, which attain widespread popularity, consist of a cooked patty of ground meat placed inside a sliced bread roll. Served with lettuce, bacon, tomato, onion and cheese, they are many people’s favorite food. However, they may also do harm to our health because they usually contain too much fat, salt and oil.

Although fast food saves some time during our working time, it may increase the probability of cancer. Such as the time I used microwave ovens in the morning, it could help me cook quickly and conveniently, also when we stand near it, we may get cancer, that’s really bad for our health.

Fast food is also bad for our environment, because the restaurant use too many papers and plastic to cover the food we eat. It keep the heat about the food, it also pollution the environment where we lived.

In a word, personally, the lifestyle to eat fast food not only bad for our health, but also makes us worried and gets deep press. So, let’s change this style in our life and use our limited life to enjoy our life.

The end of Thanksgiving hoilday

During the Florida trip, we also needed to prepare for the Black Friday. In the 9 pm of Thursday, we went to Best buy. When we arrived at the Best buy, we saw a long queue. People all waited for 12 pm to buy electronic products. The time came to 12 pm, the door opens. The people in front of the queue first got into the shop. We waited for 30 min to get into. After we get into Best buy, we found the products were really cheaper than before. However, the products with high discount had been sold out. We brought some Blue-ray movies and games.

After shopping in Best buy, we went to some big shopping mall in Florida. In the shopping mall, we saw four Chinese tourist groups. “Ha, this shopping mall will earn much more money than before!” one of my friends said. We saw a woman; she took six bags in each of her hands. Almost every people in the tourist groups took more than 2 bags. These groups seemed like a shopping group.

In the afternoon, we were all tried. We could not move any more. We found a Chinese restaurant with high favorable comments in Yelp. The restaurant was really good. I think it is the best Chinese fond I had taken in the U.S. maybe because I was really hunger. It is called King Lake.

My friends planned to visit Florida in next summer holiday. Florida trip is really wonderful!

My Thanksgiving holiday

During this Thanksgiving holiday, my roommates and I drove to Florida. We drove a car which came from California (my roommate traveled to California during last summer holiday. He brought a car and drove to Blacksburg). We drove for 10 hours to Florida. In the way, we stopped at a small burg to have lunch. The cashier of the restaurant saw the license plate of the car. He was really surprised. He thought we had driven for more than 10 days to here. In the Florida, we took the car and Universal Park in a picture. That looks very crazy.

We went to Universal studio in the first day. We took many different roller coasters. That is really exciting. One of my roommates was afraid of taking the roller coaster. He thought the roller coaster would stop working in the half way. We thought he was affected by the movie called “Final Destination”. He liked to watch this kind of movie. In the movie, people died in many unusual ways. We told him that was a movie, it happened in real life in a very small chance. However, he insisted in not taking the roller coasters.

The next day, we went to Disney Land. The world largest Disney Land is in Florida. That is really big. All of us had been to Disney Land before.  So, we planned to travel in one day. We went to the magic kingdom. Magic kingdom is the main park in Disney Land. During the evening, the light and fir-works shows were amazing. It made you feel like you were in the Fairy Tales.

The mandatory volunteering program

I saw an article that some American college required students to attend the mandatory volunteering program to receive credits. Some people claim that this program should be required, while others consider that if the volunteering behavior becomes mandatory, this will change the quality of the volunteers. However, I believe that this program should not become the requirement of students’ graduation.

The campus students do not have enough time to do the volunteering program. There is no denying that the students in today’s society face to the fierce competition. They need to spend a lot of time on homework to get the high grades. For instance, I usually go to the library to borrow the novels at the weekends. I am able to see a great number of the seniors.

Furthermore, the mandatory volunteering program will not give students impetus to do some social serve. Instead, they will feel boring. No one can deny that if someone let you do some jobs that you do not like to do, you will finish them quickly, but in low quality. Similarly speaking, some students will not be willing to do social serves. However, they need to get the credits. They will not try their best to do that. Thus, I believe that the mandatory volunteering program should be prohibited.

In conclusion, the volunteering program on campus should not be mandatory. This program will do harmful to students’ studying, although it has positive impact on society. I suggest that teachers can give students who do social serves extra credits. This will encourage students to become volunteers, instead of compelling them.

Are you still using plastic?

Plastic, the world-famous invention, can be found in nearly every aspects of our life. For instance, plastic bag, CD and our laptops all contain plastic. Although it is very useful, we need to minimize the number of plastic because it causes many environmental issues.

            We need to minimize the number of the plastic because the manufacturing process of plastic causes the emissions of greenhouse gas. Moreover, it is hard to dispose plastic because it takes decades to degrade. In today’s society, there are two ways to dispose plastic: burning and burying. However, these two ways all contributes to the environmental problems. I remember my first chemistry lesson in America. My teacher told us to burn the plastic bag. When I burned the plastic bag, I smelled something pungent. Then, I felt disgusting. My teachers said when I burned the plastic, it spread the toxic gas. Another way to dispose the plastic is that burying it. However, due to the fact that the plastic is durable and takes decades to degrade, people need to find many places to bury the plastic. In addition, burying the plastic causes the soil pollution. The lands which bury the plastic cannot use to cultivate or plant any more.

Plastic is so dangerous that they cause a great deal of environmental problems. Although it is hard to stop using the plastic, we need to put our attention on our future environment. We can find some new methods to dispose the plastic. I believe that people can solve the plastic pollution.

Time machine?

‘But to me, the future is still black and blank–is a vast ignorance, lit at a few casual places by the memory of his story’. Have you ever read this novel? This novel was quite prevalent. It had been adapted into movies in 1960s and 2002s. I just watched this movie yesterday. After I watched this movie, I generated a question: whether or not we can create the time machine in the future? However, I believe it is impossible to create the time machine in the future.

No one witnesses the future people until now, which means that there is no record about people come from the future. I saw a report three months ago. It said a person claimed that he came from the 22th century. And he predicted what would happen in the stock market in the following months. Two months past, just as he had said before, all came true! People could not believe it. But, the police found that he stole the inside news. In addition, there are too many contradictions that scientists cannot explain forever. For example, Grandfather Paradox, it was mentioned by René Barjavel. In his views, if a person returns to the past and kill his grandfather, in that way, his existence will be a contradiction. Also, people cannot solve the contradictions between David Deutsch’s theory and M-theory. What’s more, the technology cannot support the conditions of the time machine. For instance, people cannot reach the speed of the light, because of the pressure.

There are a great number of obstacles that scientists need to overcome. Some of the problems seem to get into a dead end. People can never explain them. Thus, with too many limiting factors, I believe the time machine cannot come true.

How to be successful?

“Do you want to be successful in school?” my high school teacher always asked us in the beginning of school days. Everyone wants to be successful in school. In order to achieve this goal, you need to be confident, persistent and ambitious.

Students need to be confident during studying. For instance, I am a confident person. I never got nervous before the test, and I believe I can overcome any obstacles that I meet. In addition, I believe everyone in the world is the same, which means that the IQ levels of most of people are approximately the same. One day, my teacher said one of my classmates was genius in front of the class. I smiled and responded to my teacher that no one was genius. Everyone was the same. The work he could do I could do it too. It is significant for students to be confident. They will look down on themselves without confidence.

Students need to be persistent if they want to be successful. One student in my class always kept working hard. When he got sick before the test, he still got up early and studied until the mid-night. As a result, he kept being the first one in our class. Thus, I believe students who want to achieve the success need to be persistent.

Students need to set up the goals for their school work. They need to be ambitious. For example, one of my friends always had a plan for everyday of life. He set up a number of goals for every day. Before he went to bed, he would ask himself whether he achieved these goals. He also had some long-term goals. Now, he achieves these goals.

Online Activism

About one month ago, the video Kony 2012 was quite popular on the Internet. People shared it over Facebook, Twitter, Google, Skype, blog and many other social websites. In merely one month, this 30 minutes video was clicked nearly 73 million times on YouTube. At that time, all my friends started to share and talk about this video, even I was in China! The video generally exposed Kony’s criminal behaviors in Uganda. In the beginning of this video, it said that the whole world has changed. Nowadays, the new rule has formed. The number of people who have Facebook account number in today is more than the number of people around the world 200 years ago. With the power of Internet, people are able to connect each other and share different opinions from the whole world. Government, organizations and terrorists all realize this great change. They start to spread their ideas on the Internet. They want people from all around world accept their ideas and apply them into the real life. This is online activism.

 Online activism can be defined as the argumentative activities which some groups or people launch on the Internet .Some online campaigns may act in the real life or affect people’s thoughts. In today’s society, the majority of online campaigns can be donating money to the poor, helping to raise children who lost their parents in the warfare, raising people’s awareness of their own rights and protecting the rare animals or environment. They all achieve great succeed. However, some online activities abet others to commit the crimes or lure others into some fake website. For example, terrorists spread some horrible ideas; some politicians and experts exaggerate the reality. More and more people prefer to start campaigns online because the power of the Internet is unlimited. Online activism is a double-edged sword. It is able to raise people’s attention toward the darkness in the world; however, some online activism cannot be controlled once it explodes.