Presenting My WaterIGEP Research on WaterJAM 2018

This year, I was fortunate to attend WaterJAM 2018 again at Virginia Beach. Although there was a hurricane approaching, I still made it to the convention center with three of my friends. The hurricane supposed to land in North Carolina, but some parts of Virginia Beach can also be influenced by this hurricane. So all of us are extremely careful about this trip. Once we were there, the weather was actually quite good, and we headed to the convention center directly. This time, I presented my WaterIGEP research titled “Towards Sustainable Desalination: Mitigation of Bidirectional Solute Flux in Forward Osmosis Process”. The abstract of this poster is attached below.

Osmotically driven membrane processes are being developed to address global freshwater shortage and water-energy nexus. Among those processes, forward osmosis (FO) uses osmotic pressure gradient across a semi-permeable membrane to reclaim high-quality water for versatile applications, such as irrigation, food processing and life support. A key challenge and also impediment for FO applications is the bidirectional solute flux, including reverse solute flux (RSF) and forward solute flux (FSF). Herein, mitigation of bidirectional solute flux in FO process has been comprehensively investigated via surface coating of zwitterion-functionalized carbon nanotubes (Z-CNT). With simple evaporation coating of 0.1 mg cm-2 Z-CNT on FO active layer, both RSF and FSF have been significantly reduced in the desalination process with comparable water flux than that of pristine FO membrane.

Due to the influence of the hurricane, my oral presentation on the second day was canceled. Still, my poster presentation was recognized as the winner of the Young Professional Poster Competition in the water section and will represent Virginia AWWA section to compete in 2019 AWWA ACE at Denver. During our leisure time, we went out to see Virginia Beach and took some awesome photos.

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