Presenting My WaterIGEP Research on 34th GSA Research Symposium

I was honored to be selected again in this year’s GSA Research Symposium as a poster presenter, and this year I presented my WaterIGEP project titled “Modelling-Assisted Evaluation of Free Heat Recovery from Water via Thermoelectric Generator”. Considering this was not my first time presenting this poster, I was more confident to stand in front of the poster while mingling with other students. I especially enjoyed talking to another poster presenter next to me from College of Architecture and Urban Studies, as she utilized the dynamic modeling in the architecture design. Still, I hoped the whole poster presentation could take place in a much larger auditorium next year, so that we would be able to have more audience and shared more ideas. While I was waiting for my judge, Dean DePauw came inside and spotted me. We had a nice chat about my research, and she wish me good luck for the final award.

This year, I wanted to contributed a little bit more in graduate community and hence signed up a volunteer position as an assistant moderator for the flash talk. The flash talk was quite an new experience to me, as each presenter only had 5 minutes to effectively deliver their research ideas, including the Q&A session. Within such short amount of time, the presenter must find a strategy to logically showcase their results and presented it in an understandable way. As an assistant moderator sitting below, I learned quite a lot of interdisciplinary research from all departments within one hour. Hopefully, I could have the chance to stand on the stage next year to deliver my own flash talk. At the end of the evening, I was reorganized as the 2nd place in Interdisciplinary poster. However, due to some personal reasons, I could not make it to the award ceremony. On that Friday, I bumped into Dean DePauw again in GLC. She congratulated me again in person and encouraged me to explore more in my last year of PhD study.

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