Complete the course! – Journal 9

Tonight we had our last Communicating Science class this semester. We had great food from Jimmy Jones (thanks, Carrie!) and talked about some opinions towards our recorded video. Later we were separated in groups to watch our video again and got positive feed backs from fellow group members. Class was ended with some fantastic games to promote our collaborative skills. I enjoyed our last class for every minute.

Time just goes by so fast in this semester. I can still remember my hesitation when choosing this course. My concern at that time is like do I have to throw myself into a group of strangers? As the course continues, I feel really great to escape from our lab on  every Tuesday night. We play lots of funny and silly games together with this fixed bunch of graduate students coming from different backgrounds, and it is amazing to know their research projects and the motivation for choosing their current major. Now, I feel each person in real flesh and blood since I understand some of their preferences and share some of their memories. For me, I think it’s a rewarding experience to get acquainted to all our easy-going and friendly classmates.

Surely, the biggest gain for me is the communication techniques. All the quotes, games, feed backs, and practices are well designed to polish our communication skills. I also learned how to mitigate the stress before my speech through tiny movements. By taking this class, I can focus on other people’s presentations during various meetings by observing their unique way of delivering the speech. Good examples are always there around me, and all I need to do is to find them. As an international students, I definitely have a long way to go towards an excellent communicator. However, I’m confident about this process since I already have a good start by taking this course.

Every class is about communication, so is our daily life. As I complete the course now, I’m thinking about how to utilize what I learn in every parts of my life. Effective communication can bring so many benefits, for example solving potential interpersonal problems and promoting mutual understanding. In the end, I need to thank my instructor, Carrie, for offering us such a great course and timely guidance. If there is some follow-up or related courses, I will definitely give them a shot without hesitation, LOL.

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  1. It’s gone by too quickly! I will miss all of you. I think the best part of the course is that people from all over campus get to know one another, understand each other’s research, and become friends. Stay in touch with one another–and me!

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