Improved Version of 3-min Talk – Journal 8

This week we were invited to the undergraduate student dormitory to give a speech on our research projects. It was actually my first time to be inside an American undergraduate dorm, and the facilities there were fantastic. Although we rehearsed the whole speech during last week’s class, I still spent one whole afternoon to sort out all the details. The main theme of my research topic is resource recovery from wastewater, and I believe this idea is easy to understand. However, I focused more on the relation between my research and our daily life experience to let people know that they can benefit a lot from my projects. Unlike our previous Nutshell Games (only 90 seconds), I needed to talk for 3 minutes this time, which is more difficult without any visual aid.

I completed my draft script for my speech in the afternoon and practiced twice before went to class. I felt fine on the way to the NCB and also greeted other classmates in the room. On our way to the undergraduate student dormitory, all of us were quite excited. Once we got there, there was no people inside, haha. This was a little bit sad since I was expecting at least 20 people at that time. Anyway, we set up the room quite well, and finally we had about 5-8 audience. I was the 7th people to give the speech, and the waiting process was really miserable, haha. But once I was on the stage, I felt pretty well facing all the audience. I tried not to watch the camara directly and manage my speaking speed. Previously I found myself typically would speak faster and faster as the speech continued. In the end, I was satisfied with my speech, but answering questions without bringing technological terms was quite difficult. People always want to know more about your detailed process or next step, but explaining these logically and in an understandable way requires more practice.

To sum up, I really had a great night on Tuesday. One undergraduate student reached to me later saying that she was quite interested about my research. I was so glad that my information could be conveyed effectively to a broader audience.

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  1. I’m so glad you had a good experience! I wish we had had a larger audience, but the people who were there seemed to appreciate it, and it’s good for the whole class to hear everyone’s presentations, too.

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