Put All the Things I Learn Into Use – Journal 6

Last week I attended the 33rd Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) Research Symposium and gave a oral presentation. This is an annual event providing a good platform for all the graduate students to share their interdisciplinary research to a broader audience. I participated this even last year, and although without getting any prize, I really enjoy the whole process. So this year I still signed up for it considering I’m now equipped with tons of communication skills.

Considering it’s an oral presentation targeting at judges without any background, I pulled out all the detailed data analysis when making the PPT slides. Instead, I spent about 50% of the time talking about the significance and broader impacts first. Then I clarified several technical terms and technologies used in my research. To enable better understanding, I gave all my devices some nicknames associated to their functions. By doing so, I called their nicknames throughout the presentation to simply the tedious scientific process embedded. More figures were used in the presentation to grasp audience’s attention, and only useful information on each figure was elaborated. Eventually, during the Q&A section, I tried to answer all the questions with specific examples, for example test results obtained in Penn State University and in Australia, to support my findings. In 20-min time, I completed my oral presentation with much energy involved.

Before the award ceremony, I ran into the judge in my section. He is a post-doc in Veteran Medical School and the first time being a judge in GSA Research Symposium. I kindly asked for his feedback. He told me that I did quite well in the presentation and covered both the general picture of the research and all detailed processes. The content is easy to understand without many technical terms. He also mentioned that it is a good strategy to avoid too much data interpretation, and wished me the best for an award. I was really thrilled to have a positive feedback. The moment I heard my name from Selva (Yes, the one from our class), the award ceremony host, I cannot believe I won the Gold Award for Oral Presentation this year! This is my first GSA award, and Dean DePauw congratulated me for my excellent presentation. I really appreciate all the things I learned from the Communicating Science class, and feel very proud that I can successfully put these knowledge and tips into use!

Poster (up) and Oral (down) Award Winner.jpg

33rd Annual Graduate Research Symposium (Received Gold Award for Oral Presentation)

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