Telling a Fascinating Story is Difficult – Journal 2

I feel more connected to all classmates in this week’s class since I can at least recall their names. Some new classmates are joining us this week including one student just arrived in VT about few days ago. In this week, we start forming small groups of four people and defining ourselves with sentence starting with “I am …”. Each person has 3 minutes, which is painfully long when you are the speaker. For me, I have to think really hard and fast to give myself a lot of definitions. Everybody is a little bit suffering from the whole process, and I think we just get used to be defined by other people all the time. Certainly there are some strategies such as say “I am not …”, but I learn from the experience that sometimes we need to put aside what we are doing, and as graduate students I know there are lots of literature reading, coursework, and data processing, and look at ourselves carefully for a while.


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The most difficult game in our second class is telling an imaginary story based on your mysterious card and former classmates’ story. Since everybody can only reveal their own card when it is your turn, a rapid brainstorm is a must to make solid connection with the context. For me, the biggest challenge is to remember all the funny and bizarre stories told by my previous classmates. As the second to the last person, it is . This game definitely enhance my hearing and quick digestion of words in order to fit my own plot into the big background. Finally it’s my turn, and my brain turns into completely blank the moment I reveal my card. It’s a little creepy card with a cow holding a human baby. I don’t want to go into details about my final interpretation, but I successfully complete it! The pressure passes on to the final person, and he does a good job in finalizing the whole story with a happy ending. Although this story is not a really fascinating one, it should be the most diversified tale in my life with so many transitions. I enjoy the whole process and happy to find that we graduate students do have lots of fancy ideas with fantastic attitude for everyday life.

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  1. Yes, you are all very creative! When I first did this game in a class I let everyone look at their cards. But what happened then was that everyone kept trying to make up their part of the story instead of listening to the parts that were unfolding. It was a mess! I’m glad you felt that you learned something from “I am.”
    See you next week! Let me know if you are coming Friday.

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