Academic Honor Society – Weekly Journal 15

This semester, I received the invitation from one engineering honor society in VT –  Tau Beta Pi (TBP). I heard a lot of news about societies (fraternity and sorority) and watched some TV series about the drama inside. However, since it is an academic honor society, I’m still curious about this organisation and also want to meet more people. I went to the briefing session and have some basic understanding of TBP. TBP is the only engineering honor society representing the entire engineering profession, and is the nation’s second-oldest honor society. Only juniors in top 1/8 and seniors/graduate students in top 1/5 of their class will be invited. As we become the initiates, we need to take participate in a series of activities to earn points. In order to become a full member, undergraduate and graduate students need to earn 1900 and 1500 points, respectively.


Later on, I received a brochure with all the eligible activities. The first one is polishing the bronze logo of TBP in front of the Patton Hall. On that specific day, we took turns to polish the logo with different grade of sand paper. During this event, I met lots of undergraduate students from different engineering majors, and made some friends while chatting with each other. The other event is about fostering an effective communicating skill in presentation and interview. This is a 4-hour workshop with self-introduction, individual presentation, and group project. I was more than happy to learn lots of communicating skill from the instructor as an international students. The workshop offered a delicious lunch for us and gave us plenty time and space to mingle with peers. In the end, I find that 1500 points is relatively easy target. This is definitely a rewarding experience in my PhD study and a great memory in my higher education.

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