Open Access in Environment Field

Open Access is a great approach to have more people get access to high-quality research results and correspondingly broaden their impact. In the Environment field, there is actually not much complete Open Access (OA) journals. Publishers, such as Elsevier and American Chemistry Society, have a compromising policy and give the author an option to let their paper become Open Access on a non-OA. Sustainable Environment Research (SER) is the very few left within the entirely OA journals under Elsevier. The primary goal of this journal is to publish high quality research paper in sustainable environmental science and technology and to contribute to improving environmental practice. The scope of SER includes issues of environmental science, technology, management and related fields, especially in response to sustainable water, energy and other natural resources. Potential topics can be extended to (1) water and wastewater, (2) soil and groundwater pollution, (3) air pollution and climate change, and (4) waste management. Environmental research are commonly inter-disciplinary, and hence a wide range of field coverage is an advantage of this journal.jounal04-20100518.jpg

The SER was founded by Chinese Institute of Environmental Engineering, Taiwan. As a OA journal, the SER still implement peer review process to ensure journal quality. After acceptance, the author does not have any publication charges for OA. All the fees will be covered by the Chinese Institute of Environmental Engineering. Though SER itself does not take a stand and explain the reason of being OA, Elsevier address the OA as the follows:

Open science is a broad term that reflects how new technology is being used to address some of the challenges associated with the changing world of research. When building new research tools, we listen to the needs of the research community and many of our solutions, platforms and initiatives address Open Science. These include our activities on the topics of open access, research data and connecting science to society.

To facilitate the open science, two kinds of OA are currently offered by Elsevier: gold open access and green open access. SER falls into the gold open access since it is a OA journal. Alternatively, OA paper published on non-OA journals (i.e. hybrid journals) also considers to be gold open access. Under such conditions, the OA fee is either paid by the author or by funding institution/body. For the green open access, at least one individual should subscript to the journal and are able to share your subscription online with others, such as through Researchgate. Since the accessed version is the your subscribed journal, all fees are covered by your university library. Gold and green OA are complementary to each other to provide a better open science environment.

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