Public University vs. Private University – Weekly Journal 13

In US, the debate of choosing¬†public university or private university for higher education is never going to end. Both of them can offer quality education resource with different amount of expenses, and recently, I find a great infographic on “Public vs. Private” university.

The first parameter for comparison is the graduation rates. It is found that enrolling at an in-state public college could lower the probability of graduating on time (4 years) by 40%. I think the major reason is that out-of-state and private universities have higher tuition and living expenses, hence placing extra pressure on college students to graduate in 4 years.

For continuing study in graduate programs, undergrads in public universities  have a lower rates to get a post-graduate degree. This is due to the education quality and the quality of entering freshmen. Private universities usually have better faculty and resources as compared to some-tier public universities. With higher tuition and living expense, the admitted freshmen in private universities usually come from higher societal class (i.e. richer) with more resources to exploit.

In the end, graduates from private universities earn more than their peers in public universities. But we should also see it in other way, students in private universities invest more money during their undergraduate studies, enjoying better education resources and connecting with highly influential social network. Hence, it is within expectation that generally they will get a better job upon graduation.


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