The Importance of Conversation – Weekly Journal 12

Recently, with the release of US ¬†election result, there seems to be a sad mood fill in the air. I received e-mails saying that counselling service will be provided in the graduate life center, and all the students are welcome. As a foreigner without the voting rights, I’m not that concerned about the election and the corresponding response. To me, America still is the most powerful country and Blacksburg is the most desirable place to live. However, during our class on Monday, Dean DePauw offers us half of the class time to talk about it. With such a great opportunity to start conversation, all the classmates are encouraged to talk about their thoughts and their students’ concerns. By sharing these thoughts, I find that the conversation is really helpful to comfort students since lots of their peers have the similar concerns. This gives students some support since they are not alone and belong to a bigger group.


Dean DePauw at the end also mentioned that the election result also provide a warning to current higher education. As we are all shocked by the election results, it is obvious that higher education is deviated from the normal public. Currently, it seems like the normal public now does not share the same belief with the social elites and higher educators. To mitigate such a gap, we should also provide a platform and start the conversation with the public, and try to find out the real problem. This is also a major responsibility of our higher educators, and we cannot put ourselves in the isolated “ivory tower”.


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