Higher Education in Different Country – Weekly Journal 9

During the discussion in our class, I learned that there is a big difference in higher education system all over the world. The difference may come from culture background, developing conditions, economic power of a specific country, and people’s religion.


For example, in Germany, since it is a well developed country with higher tax, the education system is well developed and almost free. Every child can have a choice to receive various kinds of higher education depending on their future career. In China, most of the top universities are public ones, which is funded by local government/province and Ministry of Education. The tuition is really cheap ($1000/year), compared to that in United States. Besides, there are lots of scholarships offered on university level to compensate all the cost. The surrounding countries, Vietnam for example, have the similar high education system. In some religious countries, women are a little bit bounded in family role and may struggle for higher education. However, with the globalization and gender equality movement, more and more women becomes educated and expand their role in society.

Since United States is the most powerful country in the world, the rest of the world is trying to learn from US to boost their social and economic conditions. Hence, most of the countries has similar education systems in US (or UK in some former UK colonies). English is the primary instruction language or the primary second language. Although it is a great thing to help university students to communicate, I think we should also encourage the learning of their own language and culture. Otherwise, the unique identity will be lost, and the university’s diversity will be diminished.

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