Final Thoughts

I think my two biggest takeaways from this course were our discussions on inclusion/diversity and a better understanding as far as what intersectionality is. I think having an understanding of these things allows you to constantly check your privilege, and be cognizant in applying best practices. Being a white male, I am for the most part ignorant on how it feels to be oppressed and excluded, for this reason, I really liked having classroom discussions about these topics where I could expand my knowledge based on the readings and other experiences/input. I understand that these conversations can be difficult but I think they are imperative. I think it really helped me in my understanding and learning about the subject matter at hand. While I don’t think I intentionally exclude or offend others I might actually have just because I was not aware of different types of inequity. I think this class helped me identify some of these groups I was missing and how I can approach things with a better attitude/strategy to make all feel included.  Case in point just because something is equal does not mean it is equitable.  Moving forward I will try my very best to make my classroom a safe space where we can share thoughts, ideas and refer to individuals in the context they would most appreciate.


I really liked the DEI workshop we did at the end of the class. I think it is a really good way to examine a specific topic related to you in the context of the course. I got really interested in looking at how we as educators can do a better job being more inclusive to people with disabilities. This workshop is something I would absolutely share with my colleagues. I really appreciate the activites people gave, I think they are a good tool to help educate others about some of the systemic problems we face today.


Overall I really enjoyed taking this course and I appreciate all the new tools it added to my tool kit. I do think this course or a course like it should be compulsory.  College is the time and place to be exposed to these unique ideas where we do challenge the social norms and the status quo.

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