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Hey all, my name is Sam Sherry, I go by he/him/his pronouns. I am a third-year Structural Engineering  Ph.D. student at Virginia Tech. I work as a graduate research assistant in a large structural testing laboratory where my project is focused on improving aging infrastructure with carbon fiber retrofits. At the lab, we test retired steel bridge beams to failure.  Before I was at tech I did my B.S. and M.S. at the University of Oklahoma.  Before that I moved all over the place: PA>NJ>TX>OK>DE>VA.  My parents switched jobs and I moved for school. I love that Dr. Grimes brought up the phrase “where do you call home” because whenever people ask me where I am from I always respond with “I don’t know”. After I finish my Ph.D. I hope to get an academic job at a university where I can continue doing research. I love doing large scale testing and coming up with solutions to modern problems. When I am not working I am typically running, climbing, hiking, or working out.  I love visiting national and state parks. My climbing trips have taken me all over the country and I have seen some beautiful places and wrestled some beautiful rocks.

I am taking this course and the other teaching classes because I hope to better understand others and challenge my perspective.  I would never want to exclude any of my students or make them feel uncomfortable. I think interacting on a college campus is a great way to get exposed to a multitude of people and ideas but I think taking a class like this one is a jump into the deep end of uncomfortable conversations/ideas. I am excited to interact with the class and challenge some of my misconceptions. I hope we all have a great semester.

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  1. I agree completely, this class is a jump into the deep end of uncomfortable conversations. But I think it is healthy for everyone. Also, I noticed you did your undergrad and MS work at OU. My wife and I went to OSU (Go Pokes)! Not trying to start a rivalry in the classroom, it’s just not everyday that we meet other people from Oklahoma. Glad you’re hear!

  2. Hello Sam, I think that the philosophy that you are going to bring into teaching is exactly what more professors should be doing. So, I completely agree with that! Also, I am trying to explore more national parks, as well. Hopefully I will be able to learn some of the experiences you have had and which ones are must-see.

  3. Hi Sam! I am very intrigued by your research focus. To be honest, I am fascinated by the physics of basically everything, Just to give a little background, I have a B.A. in Applied Physics as my goal was to become a biomedical engineer as an undergraduate student, however, my passion for student affairs/higher education became stronger later years of my time as an undergrad student. Thus, I am currently pursuing a master’s in higher education.

    Also, moving so frequently, changing schools and meeting new people sure gave you an experience that will certainly be helpful to you as you navigate this course content and your knowledge and understanding of the topics especially on a college campus where you have an opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and experiences.

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