Gaming Teaching vs Conventional Teaching

After watching the Vimeo video Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st century I thought I would share some of my concerns / comments with you folks.  The first thing I want to say is this is a really novel and amazing idea. It is really nice to see the educational system embrace technology and conforming to this new way of teaching. I think presenting subject matter through the use of games or other forms of media is very unique way of secretly teaching the children at this school.  I would think it surely beats lectures in some aspects. That being said I am worried that this style of teaching is kind of catered to kids that are already “gamers or computer junkies” which is fine, but I worry that this style of teaching is assuming all these kids want to go into a game development or computer science related job.  I worry that they are so young and this curriculum might be too focused on the gaming aspect.  What if gaming is just a hobby and not a passion they want to make a career out of ? Do you think this gaming teaching style is as good as a conventional education ? I say this because I feel like the way conventional schools are setup is all these different opportunities are given to you. This allows you to try them all. As it turns out you might be really great at something you never thought you would be. I am just worried that these kids are being Pidgeon held into a life that they did not choose but was forced on them. Let’s face it they are kids and at that age they really don’t know any better or what they really want.

As a final though, in the video the kids go on to say that they still have conventional classes, however that just have different titles. Also a teacher says that they cover all the material required by the state. My question to you is do you think what they cover is as comprehensive as other conventional schools?

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  1. You raise some good questions at the end of your post (which also had good points). As someone who works in K12 education, I can say I’m a little suspicious of their ability to meet all the standards for the state with this approach to learning. They are taking an approach which is more about depth than breadth. Course standards are usually overly broad in nature (at least they are in Virginia, maybe they aren’t in New York). The issue with going deep is that you don’t get to go as wide. The opposite is also true.

    Also, to address your point about student interest in video games, I think it’s important to view this process of learning “gamification” as something that does not require technology. You can gamify learning without making video games. Teachers have been doing it for a long time. The technology has just added a new layer to that.

    1. Really good points. I really like your quotes about depth and breadth. I would think this is very true. It is cool to see someone in the K12 edu system come to the same conclusions.

  2. Thanks for the post. I really liked reading it. I would think that these schools won’t cover as much as the conventional schools would. But, I really like the idea of developing skills like problem-solving from gaming. It might not be the only way but it is a novel way. That being said, gaming alone won’t help and conventional lectures are must and should a major part of the curriculum.

  3. Hi,

    You make a good point about promoting a specific learning style and it’s consequences. I think there could be a reverse dynamic in work as well: The kids who have comfortably worked with digital devices from earlier childhood would perform (handle) the highly technical device in charge of their education better, while the rest have to climb a steep learning curve. And just like that, the technology produces asymmetric results.

  4. I like the points you raised in your post. Personally I think that they could not cover material as conventional schools. It is really oriented to kids who like programming and gaming, not the artistic kids who like drawing, reading, and writing.

  5. Great post! I agree with you that is nice to see the educational system embrace technology and conforming to this new way of teaching which means using the digital learning. Using gaming will be very helpful especially with kids.

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