Not making this up: The Medium is the Message

I’ve been meaning to post something about the interesting interactions between the unix commands fortune and cowsay. This is not that post. Long story short, fortune prints a random tidbit to the terminal and cowsay takes an input string and draws an ASCII art cow with a speech bubble containing the text you sent to the command. In addition, there are a number of different “cows” that can be drawn and so when pairing up random fortunes and random cows can be a parataxis gold mine. Here’s the command I have in my bash login script that does just that:

fortune -s | cowsay -f $( find /usr/share/cows -name '*.cow' | shuf | head -n 1 )

More on that in the “real” post, but for now, I couldn’t pass this up which popped up when I opened a new terminal window just now:

s _________________________________ 
/ "The medium is the message." -- \
\ Marshall McLuhan                /
       \   \_______
 v__v   \  \   O   )
 (oo)      ||----w |
 (__)      ||     ||  \/\

ponder that for a bit.