Are we all ice skaters?

Gliding through life, blissfully unaware that there is an entirely different world just below the surface.

The times we do break through unexpectedly the shock is so much that it often kills us.

And so we learn to fear thin ice. It is dangerous. It leads to death (some would say the ultimate price).

When we do decide to tap into the world on the other side we carefully control our access using tools to drill a hole through the boundary.

We remain on the surface, in our own element. Comfortable.

We lower more tools through the chasm, to fish out the pieces of that underworld we are interested in, because we understand that some can help sustain our own life, on the surface.

And when we have extracted what we think we need, we leave the opening to seal up.

A distortion and blemish on our surface that skaters learn to avoid, because it can trip them.

And even grow to resent those that broke the boundary as it now creates a more complicated environment for us to navigate smoothly.