Blogging is hard

I started writing my first blog post for this course 10 days ago.  It is still in the draft folder.  This has been the common course of action throughout my blogging career.  I had attempted to start a blog a number of times long before signing up for either of these courses.  Previous attempts were all the same, initiated by outbursts of pent up desires to share my thoughts, dampened by the sudden realization that by sharing my thoughts others would be free to judge them.  How could I live with that?

It’s not that I thought others would be harsh in their judgment, and in fact, it probably had less to do with how I felt others would look at my writing, but how I would judge it myself weeks or months later.  What was I thinking? Why hadn’t I bothered to look of the definition of that word, it clearly doesn’t fit there? I pick over the details of my work to such an extent that it doesn’t take long to convince myself anything I create isn’t ready for the world.  My blog just one example.

But blogging shouldn’t be this hard.  There are no hard guidelines to meet, and so implicitly none that will be failed to be met.  Sure there will be reviews and critiques of a sort, but it’s easy enough to ignore that in a medium which lends itself perfectly to revision and constant adjustment.  Unlike a publication, there is little reason to obsess over small grammar issues and prudently check proper punctuation placement.  Even whimsical alliteration can scoot by under the radar without a second thought because the only gatekeeper to acceptance is myself.

So what’s the big deal?

Blogging is easy.

3 thoughts on “Blogging is hard

  1. For me is hard because of the language (I speak spanish). For that reason, I write small paragraph explaining a new situations in my life as PhD student. Also, I always finish my blog asking something to the audience.

  2. No big deal… you are right… just be yourself and I suppose we will have fun…..
    ” Let your keyboard make sounds..”

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