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In the dialogue about diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism, we are being racist!!

I didn’t know this until I realized, after coming to the US, that I’m considered a brown person, not white. I didn’t like it! All of a sudden, I was the other, the one who was different and being ‘included’, not the one who was nice enough to ‘include’ those who are underrepresented!

I invite you to imagine a diverse community, the one that ‘includes’ everybody. Now imagine a non-diverse group; how does that look like? Who did you remove from your community? Did you imagine a group of black, brown, yellow; or was it white? The reality is that when we talk about the importance of diversity and inclusion; at the back of our minds we are assuming a white hegemony to which we are¬†adding some flavor. As Reni Eddo-Lodge says in her post, “for there to be a difference, there has to be a normal against which difference is measured….¬† To truly include we need to deconstruct that norm”.


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