An innovated education system has been always my matter of concern as I believe the current teaching system, including tests and grades, cannot help students to foster their potentials to serve the society as their best; but to categorize them in order to identify the most capable ones in specific tasks. The current education system, metaphorically, is like the old story of having rabbits, fishes and pigeons in the same school and ranking them in jumping, swimming and flying altogether. There is no need to teach rabbits the basics of jumping but how to jump better. They can try swimming but no need to get ranked upon their fun experience and for sure they need help for that.

Moreover, the competitive filtering system creates one-dimensional mindsets, for example, smart engineers whose world are just numbers, equations, and codes. Statistically, in a competitive environment, individuals get less time to explore and try other aspects of life like art for the engineering example. On the other hand, a grading system in which the variety of abilities, personality and background of students is not considered, cannot be  a  proper measure to quantify how much they have learned.  The performance of individuals in responding questions is different apart from their knowledge or fluency in the topics. Thus, testing can be a tool to identify the stronger student conditionally, which adversely causes the students to label themselves under titles of good or bad.  This grading system could be more advantageous in old school times when individuals had to seek the masters in each skill or science, learn their technics and find a job based on their new mastered skills. Maybe, the employers needed a scale to hire the best ones. With extended resumes and portfolios in our modern day, grades are not demonstrators of the capabilities of the people.

The goal of modern education is to help individuals to achieve their best in their own path, to help students to find the fittest role in which they can be creative while handling responsibilities in our complex society. However, ranking them based on the grades might make them disappointed in fostering their strongest side. In addition, as benefits of technology, students have access to a vast amount of documents to read and learn independently, the help of the instructor can be to optimize the learning during a specific period and this process can differ based on the effort of the student.

Finally, as the human generation is adapting promptly with technology, our educating system has to advance with the same pace as well.