Blogging, twitting and sharing your ideas, notes, writings, and experiences publically can have several advantages, not only in social awareness about science, politics and etc. but also in education and research. The learning is a special journey for every individual and sharing it with others can be helpful for others in their way. However, it can be easier for some than others. For instance, extroverts are more comfortable with thinking out loud or writing is not as easy for every individual and posting videos takes extra time and energy.

Moreover, blogs, twits, youtube channels and other forms of sharing information are not scientifically valid to refer in science and formal publications. It can be handy to explain steps of your research for fellow researchers in your field but you cannot rely on it in your journal paper. Therefore, if you want to be really helpful, it needed to be referenced. this type of blogging about your research takes times and for sure not anyone would be happy to share these details. On the other hand, it can be used to your own benefit in asking others comments and suggestions. Also, in some special cases in at can make you famous if your posts go viral.

I personally do not feel very comfortable sharing post even on linkedIn. So, blogging can be a good practice. But for sure it takes time and effort and also some courage to say your ideas and thoughts loud although you know you might change your mind later.