The industry and education are both advancing with a gap which has been always existed.  Many scholars have been analyzed this gap such as Zacky and El-faham or Chookittikul or many others. Forbes also published an article about the causality of the university-industry gap and explained that universities around the world have a higher estimation of the capability of their new graduates compare to the industry perception of the entry-level employees. Also, schools are reluctant to update their teaching methods and materials based on the need of the industry.

The gap can be found in higher education as well where the research material is behind what is producing in industry. In most cases, the R&D sections of companies are much more updated that funded researches in universities. For sure the reasons for this gap should be different based on each discipline. For example in engineering, academic research requires higher accuracy and longer process of peer approval; however, companies can produce their outcome with few approvals as long as it works.