GPP Ecuador.. Why?!

I was honored when selected to participate in the GPP trip to Europe earlier this year. It was expected to be a life-changing experience, and what we found there was more than expected! Therefore, I got excited when I knew that there’s another chance for us to travel abroad, to USFQ this time.

My passion to learn about “others” by learning from them is endless. I’ve learnt a lot about “people” when I visited Europe, and I want to know more about a whole different culture when I visit Ecuador.

Since I’ve worked – and will most probably be working – in academia, it’s important for me to learn about various higher education systems and teaching practices. I was raised in Egypt, currently studying in USA, and visited several universities in Europe. Therefore, visiting a Latin-America country and learning about higher education there will add to the diverse knowledge I developed by being in different countries (4 continents till now, and Ecuador will be the 5th!)

I’m interested in Computer Science Education, Usability Engineering, and Software Engineering. Therefore, I’ll be interested in exploring how these fields are being taught in USFQ, and whether there are relevant research directions that are evolving there.

I believe that GPP outcomes will not only benefit those who participate in it, but it’ll be passed to – and distributed among – diverse populations of students and faculty members. For me, this knowledge transfer is a major success factor for any learning experience, and I look forward to being part of such unique experience if I get selected to participate in GPP Ecuador 2016.