My philosophy of teaching is based on creating a learner-centered environment. Students should have ownership of their own works and they should feel themselves as an equal partner of this learning process. Even though one of the most important responsibilities of educators is teaching, this process should be reciprocal. While I can teach something, I also should learn from students.

Active learning and active participation are the important parts of this environment. I want students actively participate in all of the conversations and teaching/learning process rather than passively learn. When I plan course schedules, I design the course for promoting effective communication and interactive group works. I believe that kind of schedule develops students’ critical thinking, collaborative learning skills better while facilitating problem-solving skills.

My teaching practices are showing students to find appropriate sources to solve problems or get reliable information. In terms of saying what they should do for a specific subject, I am teaching them how to find different ways to learn it or solve it. In other words, developing, analyzing, and communicating new knowledge is crucial to teach to students by educators.

Teaching is a daily learning experience. Because educators are working with people and every person is different somehow. It is not a wonder that each teaching experience is unique. So, I consider teaching as a daily learning experience for the student and an educator.

Creating a safe environment for students in a classroom. Diverse and inclusive classroom.