I am Sevda, second-year Ph.D. student and graduate assistant in Architecture and Design Research program at Virginia Tech. I am originally from Turkey and residing here in the U.S. with my husband for our Ph.D. educations.  
You can find my bio, research and teaching philosophies in this website. I hope you will enjoy when you visit this site. 

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I am doing Ph.D. in Architecture + Design Research and a Graduate Assistant (GA) in the Landscape Architecture program in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies at Virginia Tech. I am currently serving as a GA and the member of the planning committee of the 2018 Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) Conference as well as working for the Landscape Architecture Program as a communication person. 




Sevda received her BLA and MLA degrees from Turkey. Her research interest was the technical aspects of green roofs in the undergraduate years. Later, her interests expanded to include not only green infrastructure and green roofs, but also the overall concepts of sustainability and urbanism, their interaction with landscape architecture, and the environmental benefits associated with such schools of thought in the MLA. She also conducted some volunteer works regarding permaculture during her master’s.



My philosophy of teaching is based on creating learner-centered environment. Students should have ownership of their own works and they should feel themselves as equal partner of this learning process. Even though one of the most important responsibilities of educators is teaching, this process should be reciprocal. While I can teach something, I also should learn from students.



121 Burruss Hall
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