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Got Milk?

Given that the holidays are right around the corner for many people, bringing images of Santa Claus and milk and cookies to mind, I thought I might share this interesting article about milk. So how many of you are … Continue reading

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In a recent post, I began to provide some basic background on the subject of genes and inheritance by discussing the molecular structure of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA). I intend for this post to continue that discussion by taking … Continue reading

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You have a choice.

So I just read about an article that was recently published in Current Directions in Psychological Science, entitled “Multiple-Choice Questioning Is an Efficient Instructional Methodology That May Be Widely Implemented in Academic Courses to Improve Exam Performance“. There was actually … Continue reading

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Nature is teasing us…

So today I learned just how much of a tease Nature can be. Somehow I missed the fact that back in 2000 a paleontologist named Mary Schweitzer from North Carolina State University in Raleigh discovered soft tissue in the fossilized … Continue reading

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Let’s get macromolecular…

I have had a number of science-related posts in mind since I first started this blog, but time and again I find myself putting them off as too complicated. One of my goals is to make science friendly to the … Continue reading

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Be friends with failure.

I just discovered a blog that very succinctly makes an excellent point about the creative process: be friends with failure. This is what my rambling discourse eventually led to as I babbled about creativity. The author writes from the perspective … Continue reading

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