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The Resistance Issue

In my first post on antimicrobial resistance, I provided a brief overview of issue and why the it merits concern. In the second, I discussed how resistance develops as a result of selection pressure on a population. In this post … Continue reading

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Selecting for Resistance

So in my previous post I provided a brief overview of antimicrobial resistance, and why the concept merits concern. In this post I will discuss how resistance develops. In most cases, I will be using bacteria as an example of … Continue reading

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What is Antimicrobial Resistance?

So I have been engaged in an ongoing discussion recently about antimicrobial resistance, which is a subject that has both interested and concerned me since I was an undergraduate student studying microbiology. I even spent a summer working in Purdue … Continue reading

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The Reality of Monotasking…

I have written several posts on creativity recently, and then made what probably seems like a detour to discuss the idea of multitasking. The thing is, this was not that much of a detour, as multitasking stands in direct opposition … Continue reading

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The Myth of Multitasking…

This commercial is excellent, even if the point of it is to sell you a device that will likely lead to exactly the type of behavior being parodied. The scene where the guy drops his cell phone in the urinal … Continue reading

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Everlasting Love?

Ahhh, yes…good to know that some things never really change. The image above depicts insect sex as it occurred 165 million years ago (during the mid-Jurassic Period) in northeastern China. This fossil was the main attraction of a November 6, … Continue reading

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Microscopic Chainsaw Massacre!

A little late for Halloween, but horrifyingly fascinating nonetheless, I present to you the mouthparts of a tick! This morning I happened to discover a recently-published paper on the mechanics of how ticks feed, entitled “How ticks get under your … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing Evaluation

I happened to discover this article, and at first I got really excited about it: Then I started reading it, and got a little disappointed. After having spent some time reading through Alfie Kohn’s website, and discussing his article … Continue reading

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Playground Physics


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