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Jurassic Park, here we come!

A fossilized female mosquito that still has traces of her last blood meal! Sadly, this mosquito is: 1) 46 million years old, give or take a few millenia… and 2) fossilized in shale, rather than amber… DNA is not … Continue reading

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Found a little something that I wanted to share on RVANews: This ties in nicely with recent discussions and reading that we have been having in my Contemporary Pedagogy class regarding privilege, and it makes me consider my privilege. … Continue reading

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A brief follow-up on ticks…

OK, so I just saw this article and I REALLY wish it had been written when I posted about ticks, but alas! Such was not the case, so I will just have to post this as a follow-up: Lots … Continue reading

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An analogy for teaching

On the topic of education, I began with a story about learning, and my experience with learning thus far, and so I think it only fair that next I take a look at the idea of teaching. In the minds … Continue reading

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The First Rule of Cricket Fight Club…

…wait, what? Cricket fighting? A little something different for your Friday. I was familiar with the notion that, in China, there has long been a tradition of keeping crickets to provide music. When sitting outside, enjoying a nice evening, I … Continue reading

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Every once in a while you learn something that challenges your view of the world, your view of yourself and your place in that world. Maybe that knowledge grants you small understanding that does not necessarily change your life, but … Continue reading

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Has anyone seen this? The entomology/science geek part of me wants to order one of these right now. Right. Now. The company Backyard Brains, which markets a wide variety of products as ‘experiments’ for learning about neuroscience, has released the … Continue reading

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Wheels on the bug go ’round and ’round…

For your Friday afternoon, I thought I would write briefly about one of the more awesome bugs that you will find in the US. Meet the wheel bug! The wheel bug (Arilus cristatus) belongs to the order Hemiptera, which means … Continue reading

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