Zombies vs Animals

I wanted to link you to an excellent piece written by David Mizejewski, a National Wildlife Federation naturalist who explains how nature (including insects) would deal with the hordes of shambling undead that will inevitably descend upon the world…


In posting this, I should probably confess that I am somewhat of a fan of zombies, and the whole zombie genre. I mean, I know that everyone is lately, thanks to AMC’s “The Walking Dead” series, but I actually liked them before that. Right, right, I know…the elitist tone, and the “I liked them before they were cool” routine is a bit played out these days. All I am saying is, I got street cred here. How many fans of the show do you think actually read the graphic novel, much less own it? Participated in Richmond, Virginia’s inaugural Zombie Walk? Faithful follower of ‘We’re Alive‘, the zombie podcast? Have seen more of Fulci’s films than just Zombi 2? Is aware of the fact that one of Peter Jackson’s earliest works was the gorefest known as Braindead (later renamed Dead Alive for American viewers)?? (yeah, yeah…Bad Taste was his first full-length film, but that was about aliens)

OK, sorry. Perhaps I got a little defensive there. I mean, maybe I should be excited that a wider audience has embraced the zombie genre, right? It should mean that more people contribute stories, ideas, movies, books, comics, etc. More fans = more money for bigger-budget films. Difficult to get excited about that, however, when Hollywood takes an incredible book like World War Z and turns it into the prettiest and yet most uninspiring action-movie-disguised-as-a-zombie-movie ever. (FYI, Max Brooks is going to be at VA Tech) Seriously, the only things that the movie shared in common with the book were:

  1. The title
  2. Zombies
  3. The Israelis figure it out before everyone else

Might be ranting a bit there. Not a horrible movie or anything, but it should have just been called “Brad Pitt vs The Zombies”. Anyways, back to the main point, which was…umm…I think…well…huh. It seems that I did not really have a good point, beyond some chest-thumping about my poor taste in low-budget horror films. I guess I like zombies, so the original article appealed to me. I mean, sure he was pandering to the interests of popular culture to ultimately make a point about how wildlife is losing the battle vs the living when it comes to issues like climate change, invasive species, loss of habitat, and the like…but can you blame him? Much of the natural world might be better off if humans were struck by a plague, or irradiated by a crazy meteor and turned into mindless zombies.

Well, more mindless than we already are, I mean.



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