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So you invest your time and resources in creating an army of biomechanical super-cockroaches for…well…some reason that seems to make sense to you at the time. The thing is, what do you do with the roaches when they stop kicking? Turns out, there might be a use for all of your dead roaches (provided you live in China, I suppose). In fact, you might even be able to fund the creation of your cybernetic six-legged soldiers by doing something that you were about to do anyways: raising cockroaches! As it turns out, they are apparently in demand by manufacturers of traditional Chines medicines as well as cosmetic companies, and the going rate (as of the time of this article) is about $20 per pound. Of course, if you have read one of my earlier posts, it will not surprise you to learn that some people also consider the cockroach a tasty delicacy.

So there you go: free business model for an aspiring super-villain (or super-hero, I guess, but probably not a popular one). How to fund your very own army of cyborg insects!

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