The First Rule of Cricket Fight Club…

…wait, what? Cricket fighting? A little something different for your Friday.

I was familiar with the notion that, in China, there has long been a tradition of keeping crickets to provide music. When sitting outside, enjoying a nice evening, I certainly do not mind hearing them chirp. Probably because it reminds me of growing up in the country. This is the sound of a common field cricket:

When I am trying to go to sleep at night, and one of these guys has found its way into my home, I have to admit that I am considerably less enamored by the sound.

Anyhow, this was the first that I had heard of cricket fighting. These crickets that they are using have some serious mandibles, too! Here is the story from a Reuters blog:

If you would rather just see the slideshow, you can go here:

Of course, if you think those are impressive, then I urge you to check out one of the largest insects in the world, which happens to be a type of cricket from New Zealand called a weta.

Yeah, that thing is big enough to eat a carrot. Just be glad that black widow spiders do not get that big…

Happy Friday!

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